Bodywork and Movement

Using the principles of Body-Mind CenteringĀ®, these sessions help reawaken our cells, enabling us to differentiate our tissues and integrate our cells into the wholeness of our being. Classes are an experiential journey into our alive body- our world of organs, endocrine glands, ligaments, nerves, fluids, bones and muscles. These body systems have their own qualities and are reflected in the many aspects of our self. Listening deeply, we allow our internal structures to guide us through supported movement and meditations of form and flow.
Through our basic neurocellular patterns, we find inner support to express ourselves authentically. Using breath, movement and touch we open inner pathways, releasing restrictive patterns. Ā Find Your Comfort and expand your awareness to the myriad choices in every moment.

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NishaK-67Classes are open to all levels and no previous experience is required.

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