Infant Developmental Movement Classes


From the earliest stages of development in the womb, through the birth process, to finding midline, rolling, creeping, crawling, sitting, kneeling and walking, babies move through a range of patterns that create their ability to sense, perceive, feel and act in the world. These patterns are called develop”mental” movements, building the brain and body. They are the building blocks through which infants learn to arrive into the world, develop a sense of self and comfort, to be able to bond and discover their environment with a growing curiosity. Movement affects cognitive, emotional and physical well being of a child and the adult the child will grow to become.

As an Infant Developmental Movement Educator, I facilitate the baby’s optimal and natural developmental movement patterns at the pace of their own time. My goal is to provide a container for the baby’s creative process of organically discovering the world around them through movement, touch and play. I listen to a baby’s needs by providing a calm ground and offering support to yield, push and reach for what they want. I want to support the babies to be successful in what they want, so the can become adults in the fullest way possible. When working with a child who is resistant to belly time, rolling, sitting, or crawling, I observe their movement patterns and support them in gracefully opening up pathways so that the movement can come innately from the child. Opening up inner pathways provides a child with the gift of choices, so that they can experience all they are capable of, to thrive in their environment. Classes support the natural and three dimensional ways of being and moving in the world.

Classes are designed to educate parents and caretakers to recognize and observe the layers of sequencing and to appreciate the process of learning. This environment encourages questions and sharing for new moms.

Classes Help with:

  • Handling and holding your newborn
  • Sleep
  • Enjoy Tummy time
  • One Side Favoring in Movement
  • Tips on understanding your baby’s cry’s
  •  Recognizing and Supporting Healthy Milestones

nisha_infant Testimonial

“My daughter was right on the verge of crawling, but seemed…stuck. She wanted to move soo badly and would cry in frustration.  I was referred to Nisha’s developmental movement class to help her.  After a few short sessions and practicing Nisha’s suggestions at home my daughter is now squealing in celebration as she reaches for her toys on her own.  I can’t recommend this class enough.  It’s made a world of difference.” -Susan W. Caminez


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